Meet the family…

Established in 2005 by Zac & Mehmet Ozcan. Our vision was to provide an exceptional experience
for our customers in building their dream home. 10 years on and we are proud that this vision is
stronger than ever. With a combined experience of over 19 years in the corporate industry, we know
that customers want and deserve great service. We understand that customers do not want to
settle for “OK” but rather “WOW”.

We wanted the average family to not have an average home but rather something special. A home
that they could be proud of and look forward to coming home to everyday, and we wanted to make
this affordable and possible for everyone.

Ozcan is striving for excellence….

We at Ozcan have always strived in providing an experience to our customers that exceed expectations.  We are a young dynamic team of ambitious professionals who have passion for building.  Not just building, but providing an experience to our clients like no other.  We always say that we build every home like it was our own and that is exactly why you see quality and excellence in everything we do.